Matty Deans

Oreo — Aladdin


Roles: Art Direction, Character Design, Storyboards, Animation


It was big news when we found out we'd be creating a :30 for the Oreo Wonderfilled campaign. They wanted a fresh take on the classic Aladdin story for a Middle Eastern, launching in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Oman. I served as art director on a small team that concepted the spot, developed the characters and produced the animation. 

Character development was a fascinating process because we had to create characters that felt fresh, appealed to Middle Eastern sensibilities and respected their culture as well. Halfway through the design phase, we discovered that the style and length of a man's beard has many subtle cultural implications, resulting in a haircut for our sorcerer.

The result? The world's first sorcerer wearing a moustache.