Matty Deans

Oreo — Wonderfilled


Roles: Storyboards, Animation


Back in 2013, Oreo rolled out a new campaign called Wonderfilled. It was a ninety-second anthem, based on a musical narrative about sharing an Oreo with sinister characters and making them see the world from a friendlier perspective, all because someone shared with them. The three characters were a hungry shark, the Big Bad Wolf and a milk-drinking vampire. A few years after the original campaign began, Oreo decided to circle back and revisit the three original characters of the anthem.

We were conscripted to produce three new spots, made up of half existing footage/half new animated content. Since these were well-established personalities, we spent a large amount of time concepting the stories. We probably created about ten stories per character. The videos are a distillation of weeks of concepting. I boarded, designed and animated the new shots.